Flu Assessment Questionnaire for Parents

Terms of Use:

  • You agree that this computerized questionnaire cannot anticipate every possible medical situation. Therefore, this questionnaire is to be used as a guide to help a parent think about a child’s problem. It should not be used as a sole source of information regarding a child’s problem.  Computerized questionnaires like this one cannot be used a substitute for clinical judgment.  They should never be used as a substitute for a parent's judgment or to override what your physicians have directed.  If you, as the parent, feel strongly that your child needs to be seen by a health care provider, you should arrange for your child to be seen by a health care provider regardless of the recommendations from this questionnaire.

  • You agree that your child is not in a life-threatening situation. In particular, your child is not:

    a) unconscious or difficult to arouse

    b) having marked difficulty breathing

    c) blue in the face

    d) so sick that you are frightened that something is terribly wrong.

    You agree to keep this description of 'life-threatening' in mind and to call 911 regardless of the questionnaire’s recommendations if your child appears to be in a life-threatening situation.

  • You agree to read the information accompanying each question in the questionnaire before you answer the question.

  • You agree as the caregiver you are the final judge in seeking care. Therefore, you accept any and all financial responsibilities associated with the care you have chosen for you child.

  • You agree that as the flu season continues, recommendations may change. Physicians at All Children’s Hospital are monitoring national influenza trends as well as CDC guidelines to provide the most up-to-date advice. Therefore, these guidelines may be changed at any time without notification.

I agree with the terms above. 
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