Information for Patients/Families

The staff at All Children’s Hospital realizes that having a child in the hospital is a very stressful event that affects each member of the family – and we know it’s even more so with the threat of a hurricane. We want to assure you that we remain here to serve your child and family.

Your child’s physician may facilitate discharge prior to the storm so that you have adequate time to prepare your home and family. Discharge will only occur when it is safe for your child. Please help us help those who must stay by having a plan to go home, or to other shelter, as soon as possible. If your child needs to remain hospitalized we will remain staffed to continue to provide care to your child – that is why we are here.
If evacuation is required for your home area, we strongly encourage you to make evacuation plans for your family. Please remember that All Children's Hospital is not an evacuation shelter. If you will be with us in this emergency situation, here are some guidelines that we ask you to consider:

  • IMMEDIATE FAMILY ONLY: If there are no other alternatives for your family to evacuate while your child is hospitalized, we will accommodate your immediate family only (patient’s parents and, if necessary, siblings). Other adults should seek shelter elsewhere. Alternatives are always best.

  • CAFETERIA: Our cafeteria will provide sufficient meals during the evacuation period.

  • SHOWERS/BATHROOM: You will have access to shower/bathroom facilities to maintain adequate levels of personal care. Please be patient – these facilities are limited.

  • SUPERVISION OF YOUR CHILDREN: It is your responsibility to provide direct supervision to your non-hospitalized children at all times in the areas that you have been directed to stay.

  • PETS: Pets will not be allowed on hospital premises, including personal cars.


  • Feel free to bring sleeping bags or blankets and pillows for your family. Space is limited so please, no large air mattresses.
  • Changes of clothes.
  • Medications
  • Toiletries, including towels and soap.
  • Toys and activities for your children and yourselves.
  • Please label all your belongings. It is best to keep valuables elsewhere.

If you have questions regarding our emergency status please contact the Nursing Director on your child’s floor. When activated you may also call the All Children’s Command Center at 727-767-8970 or 8232. If a storm should hit our area our priorities will be always taking care of the medical needs of our patients and keeping everyone safe. Patience and calm are key to accomplishing those priorities. Please be assured that in this difficult time all of our resources, both human and material, are dedicated to our mission of serving All Children