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East Lake

All Children's Outpatient Care in East Lake 3850 Tampa Road
Palm Harbor, FL 34684
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All Children's Outpatient Care in East Lake brings the same level of quality care provided at All Children's Hospital closer to home for the children of north Pinellas and western Hillsborough counties. It is a clinical facility that provides high-quality pediatric rehabilitation services in a convenient and child-friendly outpatient setting.

The licensed professionals who work at All Children's Outpatient Care are extensively trained to meet the special needs of children of all ages. Just as important, they treat young patients and their families with special care and concern for their emotional well-being all with a family-centered philosophy of treatment.

Diagnostic and Rehabilitation Services Available:

Program Services
Medical/Surgical Specialties
Diagnostic Services
  • Echocardiograms
  • EKG's
  • Holter Monitors
  • Laboratory Services
  • Nutritional Services
  • X-ray
  • Ultrasound
Pediatric Speech-Language Pathology Services
  • Articulation (making speech sounds)
  • Auditory Processing Problems
  • Autism Spectrum Disorders
  • Cleft Palate and Craniofacial Disorders
  • Dyspraxia (motor speech disorders)
  • Expressive Language (using words and sentences to express thoughts)
  • Feeding, Chewing and Swallowing Disorders
  • Head Injury/Cognitive Disorders
  • Hearing Loss
  • Language Comprehension (understanding concepts, following directions)
  • Reading and Phonics Problems
  • Resonance and Velopharyngeal Dysfunction
  • Stuttering
  • Tongue Thrust (oromyofunctional disorders)
  • Voice and Vocal Cord Dysfunction
Pediatric Physical Therapy Services
Pediatric Occupational Therapy Services
  • Functional Skills for self-care
  • Fine motor skills and coordination
  • Use of adaptive equipment
  • Visual Perceptual/handwriting skills
  • Neurodevelopmental Training (NDT)
  • Sensory Processing and integration
  • Non-pharmacological Pain Management
  • Pelvic Floor Rehabilitation for Urinary Incontinence
  • Fabrication and use of serial casting
  • Fabrication and use of splints
  • Orthopedic Evaluation & Treatment
  • Interactive Metronome
  • Therapeutic Listening
Applied Behavior Analysis

Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) offers individualized assistance for children with challenging behavior, their families, and other caregivers as well as support for professionals from various other disciplines at ACH who might be working with a child in need.

ABA services are designed to:

  • Identify the purposes specific behaviors serve for a child
  • Develop interventions focused on preventing problems
  • Teach replacement skills
  • Respond effectively to behaviors displayed by the child in order to improve behavior and enhance overall quality of life for children and families

Learn more about ABA at All Children's Hospital


All Children's Outpatient Care is proud to provide the high quality of pediatric services that All Children's Hospital is so well known for, but with the convenience of an intimate neighborhood facility.