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Posted January 18, 2013
Megan Zunz and Donna Zehnder are the January 2013 DAISY Award Recipients


Nursing at All Children's Hospital is a team effort. It's not unusual for patients and families to praise the numerous nurses that took care of their child when nominating a nurse for the Daisy Award. This month, the Daisy Award recognizes the team work of two nurses who cared for a patient on 7-North. Congratulations to Megan Zunz, BSN, RN, CPN and Donna Zehnder, RN who are the January 2013 Daisy Award recipients. The DAISY Award is presented monthly to an All Children's Hospital Nurse who has provided extraordinary service to our patients.

A parent recently praised the work of these two ACH nurses:

My son had Adductor Release Surgery this past fall and a bilateral Petrie boot cast was positioned on him for a minimum of six weeks. We spent the evening on 7-North after the surgery, and although the day and night was a long and heartbreaking experience for me as a mommy, it was an agonizing experience for my 3-year-old baby boy.

Nevertheless, I was pleasantly surprised and in awe of nurses Megan Zunz who was there upon admit and Donna Zehnder who attended us through the evening. We were fortunate to receive Megan again the following day. Megan and Donna are just what parents need. They were there to aid in comforting my precious little one and also served as my counselors. They were there when I cried uncontrollably because my baby was in severe agony and helped me recognize that I am doing this for him and for his quality of life. Without them, I would have been unreasonable. Therefore, I am taking this time to inform you about these two exceptional ladies. Please give them the recognition that they deserve. They helped me and my baby without knowing us. I am confident that they offer this same tenderness to everyone. Another person to distinguish is Julie who assists in ortho casting. She also gave exceptional care and is a rock star! While I hope that we do not have to visit anytime soon, I know that my baby would again be given outstanding care. Please acknowledge the extraordinary performance of the persons mentioned.

Donna Zehnder, RN has been a nurse on the Surgical Neuroscience Unit (7-North) since 2001. She came to All Children's Hospital from the adult nursing world. "Donna does a great job establishing a good rapport with patients and families and is a great advocate," said Melissa Macogay,BSN, RN, CCRN, Director of the Pediatric Intensive Care and Surgical Neuroscience Units. "She is extremely helpful and is seen as a great resource by her peers. Donna has been nominated for the Daisy Award in the past, receiving kind praise from patients. She demonstrates service excellence in her exceptional nursing practice."

Megan Zunz, BSN, RN, CPN has been a nurse on the Surgical Neuroscience Unit (7-North) since July 2008. She came to All Children's Hospital as a new graduate and was part of the Versant Nurse Residency Program.  "Megan is described by her peers as a team player with a very positive attitude," said Pam Gehrich, BSN, RN, Clinical Manager of the Surgical Neuroscience Unit. "She is considered a cheerleader for our unit. She has also been nominated for the Daisy Award numerous times. She is an excellent patient advocate. She demonstrates service excellence and practices our service standards on a consistent basis. We are proud of her extraordinary nursing service."
Thank you both for your service excellence to All Children's Hospital and your continued passion to pursue perfection. Congratulations of being team recipients of the DAISY Award for January.