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Telethon 2009

Rebecca had seizures since she was a small child -  but treatment at All Children's Hospital with our epilepsy specialists has enabled her to live a normal, seizure-free life.
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Since his surgery to remove a cancerous tumor from his leg as a young boy, Donovan's growth spurts arrive on schedule. And Donovan's a growing boy.
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Halle, Neeley, and Ben

Halle, Neely, and Ben
Many families have pizza night, but not many have pizza night like the Heilman family does. But with treatment from immunologists at All Children's Hospital their life is getting more "normal" all of the time.
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More Videos from the 2009 Telethon

Because of a dangerous heart condition, Preston’s parents left their Naples home for St. Petersburg so that he would be born close to All Children’s . He would need heart surgery and expert care just to survive. Now, as a healthy baby, the All Children’s Hospital team continues to care for him close to home at All Children’s Specialty Care of Fort Myers.
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Child Life
Follow All Children's Hospital Child Life Specialist Courtney, and discover why Child Life Specialists are an important part of what makes All Children's Hospital such a special place for children.
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Zaylie 's parents didn't learn until after she was born that their baby girl had a life-threatening heart condition. To make matters worse, her ultrasound hinted at an additional complication. Enter All Children’s Hospital’s Cardiac MRI -- using this special technology avoided an additional invasive procedure and the surgeons went into the operating room with detailed information about Zaylie’s heart.
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