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The action in the Hermans’ front yard is a blur of blue jeans and white shirts; two boys climbing trees, turning cartwheels, chasing a soccer ball, behaving like typical eight-year olds. It's hard to believe Jerry was unable to move or speak a year ago.
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Faith was such a healthy baby—over nine pounds on the day she was born. A year later, she could barely sit up.
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Like her horse named "Wrangler", Sherrie's headstrong -- she refuses to let juvenile idiopathic arthitis stop her.
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Joshua is an Outstanding Student at Tyrone Middle, but his life outside of school probably has just as much to do with this honor as his academic excellence.
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Now 8 years old, Aiden was born with a disorder that required him to undergo a liver transplant when he was just 8 months old. Even after receiving this "gift of life," Aiden has been no stranger to hospitals. He had 9 rejection episodes in the first year with his new liver. At age 3, one of the drugs he took to control rejection caused him to develop severe food allergies that have resulted in anaphylactic shock more than 20 times. Such a complex medical history requires a multidisciplinary team cooperating to coordinate a course of care. And this year, as part of All Children's observance of Nurses Week, Aiden's mom spoke as a panel discussion about the invaluable role that nurses have played in her son's life.
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It was just a fifteen-minute test at Plant High School, one that 15-year old Connor almost missed because of a track meet. But this test may have saved his life. Learn about All Children's role in the SafeBeat Initiative.
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Twelve-year old Esme and her mom make the two-hour trip from Arcadia to All Childrens three times a week. Its essential. Esmes kidneys both failed last December, the result of blood poisoning and high blood pressure that landed her in All Childrens Pediatric ICU for more than a month. Now, the machines in All Childrens Dialysis Unit clean her blood of waste products while Esme watches TV, plays games or does homework for three and half hours each visit. Except for Fridays that's when Child Life Specialist Holly Ott brings around the Chefs Cart. The kid-friendly cooking activities help these youngsters learn about tasty treats they can still enjoy while on a restrictive dialysis diet. And in the process, kids like Esme learn that they have choices and responsibilities when it comes to their health.
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Marina's third birthday May 31st is really the celebration of a miracle. Before she was even born, doctors who viewed ultrasound images advised Marina's parents to end the pregnancy. Marina's tummy never developed correctly, leaving most of her liver and intestines outside of her body in a thin membrane. Getting them back in her abdomen -- and getting her through the series of surgeries to accomplish this -- would take the skills of many All Children's doctors and staff. But mom credits the love of some very special NICU nurses for getting this family through the ordeal.
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New Hospital Move
In the span of just one day, 169 patients made a journey from the old All Children's Hospital to the brand-new facility that your donations helped to build. Take a look behind the scenes at one of the most well-orchestrated moves you'll ever see.
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Three-year old Ryland has some interesting taste in food. A typical fast-food meal might consist of seven French fries, one and a half chicken nuggets and an entire serving of ranch dressing. As strange as it sounds, this diet was an answer to mom's prayers. After months of "drop" seizures -- sometimes as many as 200 a day -- Ryland is seizure free. Hear about the many options available for kids like Ryland through All Children's Pediatric Epileptology Program, including something called a ketogenic diet.
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