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About All Children's Hospital

All Children's Hospital is the only specialty licensed children's hospital on Florida's west coast. Founded in 1926, All Children's has grown into a leading pediatric referral center that is dedicated to advancing treatment, education, research and advocacy in child health.

All Children's Hospital was among the first children's hospitals to join the Children's Miracle Network Hospitals (CMN Hospitals). This unique network began in 1984 by partnering TV stations with their local children's hospitals, and then providing them with entertainment segments featuring nationally-known talent to help create Telethons with a truly inspired difference. The money raised on each local Telethon stays at that area's local children's hospital. Every dollar raised on the All Children's Telethon stays right here at All Children's Hospital. And  All Children's Telethon viewers have always been among the most generous in the nation.  Of the more than 170 CMN Hospitals participating throughout North America, All Children's Telethon has repeatedly ranked among the top five in terms of dollars and pledges phoned in. We've been blessed by the community's generosity - over $70-million dollars raised since All Children's first Telethon in 1984.

The All Children's Hospital Foundation strives to ensure we continue our leadership in pediatric health care and fully support All Children's Hospital in its mission to create healthy tomorrows... for one Child, for All Children.

About Children's Miracle Network Hospitals

Children's Miracle Network Hospitals is a non-profit organization that helps more than 170 children's hospitals raise funds and awareness for their work. Countless individuals, organizations and media partners unite with CMN Hospitals to help sick and injured kids in local communities nationwide. Donations to CMN Hospitals events create miracles by funding medical care, research and education that saves and improves the lives of 17 million children each year.

To ensure children's hospitals have the resources they need, CMN Hospitals has expanded its efforts beyond annual Telethons. CMN Hospitals' partners conduct numerous special events and grassroots fundraisers year-round. Corporate partners like Walmart sell Miracle Balloons.  Our television partners, WFLA/Tampa-St. Petersburg and WXCW/Ft. Myers broadcast our Telethon. Radio partner WFUS broadcasts the US 103.5-FM Cares for Kids Radiothon each fall. And college students from the University of South Florida hold a Dance Marathon-just a few of the programs generating funds each year to provide the life-saving care and crucial services our kids need.

Throughout the year, look for the colorful Children's Miracle Network Hospitals balloon for ways to help your children's hospital - All Children's Hospital!

Children's Miracle Network - the alliance of premier hospitals for children Logo - Click to visit the web site All Children's Hospital is a member of Children's Miracle Network Hospitals, which represents children's hospitals across North America. Our Telethon shares the courageous stories of our young patients, who are at the heart of it all. No matter which part of the hour you call, your entire donation stays with All Children's Hospital to benefit children from your community.
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