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There might be plastic bowling pins lurking behind the door, ready to fall and trigger a laugh attack. Or a Nerf basketball tossed your way for a quick threepoint shot. "If there is one thing I want to come out of this," Will's mom, Jill, explains, "it's that I don't want leukemia to steal his childhood."
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"Oh my gosh, it was HUGE,' mom says. "I immediately called in her daddy to look, saying-what's wrong with our baby?" Two days and two doctors later, Sami and her family were at All Children's Hospital in St. Petersburg, going through MRI scans to see if the knee joint might be fluid-filled or infected.
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Scrub-a-dub Dub
St. Pete twins Josie and (former patient) Jerry give a hip-hop guide to hand-washing.

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He's only five years old, but this graduate of multiple therapies at All Children's Specialty Care of Sarasota is the latest patient to become a Grand Donor, thanks to a nifty video his family made for a Primrose Schools contest.

This 8-year old from Winter Haven is making up for lost time, chatting up a storm now that a brain mass that silenced him and caused seizures has been surgically removed.
A toddler from Ft. Myers, Glenn spent his first two months in All Children's going through two surgeries for a serious heart defect. Now, he gets care closer to home at All Children's' Specialty Care of Ft. Myers.
She got a slow start, but now that this four-year old has some special boots and special friends at All Children's Specialty Care of Ft. Myers, Joy is making great strides.
You'd never suspect this eight-year old from Pompano Beach was ever sick - much less in need of a bone marrow transplant - unless you knew about a deadly disorder in the family tree.
On Telethon 2008, he gave New Channel 8 reporter & Telethon host Jennifer Leigh an entertaining introduction to the therapy vests commonly used by patients with cystic fibrosis. Now, he's helping All Children's physicians and staff understand how best to handle difficult conversations with patients.

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